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Welcome! Pull up a comfortable're gonna be here a while. we're getting into my home turf. No, the FZR600 does not handle like an FZR400, and has little in common with a YZF-R6 (the aluminum frame alone sets the other two bikes apart). However, this bike still works as well or better on the road than any of its modern counterparts, at least until speeds are pushed beyond reasonable limits. And I have a rather generous definition of reasonable, especially when the roads involved are far from populated areas, clean, and offer a clear view through the apices and vertices of the fun stuff.

The 600's long-stroke mill is much better suited to street use than those of its recent competition. Even the highly-touted CBR600F4 feels a bit flat compared with the FZR until the tach needle sweeps past ten grand. And though the Fizzer is about the same weight as its contemporaries, it's narrower and runs on slender wheels, giving it a light yet precise feel at the bars. The suspension is compliant and quite comfortable on the freeway, yet still works fairly well when the horizon starts to tilt. A tank bag and tail pack transform this bike into a respectable week-long sport-tourer; an aftermarket shock and a pair of Bridgestone's BT-01's turn it into an extremely competent canyon carver.



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Clymer Yamaha FZR600, 1989-1993


Clymer Yamaha FZR600, 1989-1993



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